The Most Recent Random Mobile Personal Tech Networking Device Patent by Apple

Every single day the smartphone market has something totally new to state, a new comer to report, or even more information to retort. For example, now Apple is upping the ante on their own control of the smartphones they offer, and it has made the decision to try to get a couple of new patents. Yes, this really is all typical in Apple Style, but, certainly one of individuals patents is extremely telling to all of us at our Internet style Think Tank, once we are continually remunerating about may be.

Great article on August 20, 2010 in ARS Technica titled “Apple Might Be Searching to Lock-out Unauthorized iOS Users,” by Chris Foresman who reported that Apple filed a patent entitled “Systems and techniques for Identifying Users of the Digital Camera,” for example heartbeat analysis, photo, voice print, and suspicious behavior uncommon towards the known user.

So, I suppose a crook that has stolen the telephone would then give away his/her picture, voice print, keystrokes, and Global Position (location). The patent seems to likewise be able to show off phone, erase hard-drive, and download information towards the “cloud” which would be to safeguard the consumer. Yes, excellent, however with fraxel treatments, the government bodies may also shut-it-lower when the individual was suspected to be a theif, rioter, terrorist, etc. too.

Now then some people at Slash-Us dot ask, well would this allow Apple to seal off individuals who “jail-break” from Apple’s proprietary software? An excellent question resulting from SoulSkill (screen name). An excellent question, and asking minds, like mine need to know. However I also suspect that by getting this selection, this means the US Army would want to consider this for the “Blue Pressure” tracking within the Internet Centric in other words Random networked battlespace too. Observe that point.

If the enemy will get your hands on certainly one of their cellular devices, boom! – it’s turn off and there exists a picture from the enemy’s camp, and just what questions are requested, and the positioning of the soldier or device? Wow, this is definitely things i call using fortunate information during interrogation. It may also help Apple sell its devices to the federal government over competitors like Motorola, Nokia, HTC, Google, and Blackberry too.

Regrettably, this can totally fuel new conspiracy theories and NSA fringe seekers residing in old cold war missile silos awaiting the apocalypse or Terminator’s SkyNet to consider over? Is that this more your government, or simply upping the stakes in the realm of personal tech, and government, military to safeguard communication devices? You choose, I have already made the decision personally.

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