Choosing The Right Test Automation Tools For Your Business!

The market is flooded with a lot of automation and test tools. While the fancy ones definitely end up luring in a lot of businesses, some tools don’t even have the basic capabilities right to serve the needs of the businesses today. Businesses today require a set of robust tools and software that not only assists in maintaining the quantum of activities but also maximizes value.

Test automation tools must have a set of features that are suitable for the complexities of the modern business environment. It should keep the business thriving while being low in maintenance. And so here are some of the outlined aspects that one must definitely look into for effective choice and installation of it.

Avoid the traditional ‘record and play’

Some of the automation tools today are still marketed with the aspect of ‘record & play’. Not only have they become outdated but also do not hold any importance in comparison to the modern day features. In modern test automation tool the record and play does not mark as a feature or comparative feature for selection. Avoid!

Managing automation assets

Only the automation tools that are loaded with core functionality like service automation, tracking data, recording data, managing automation assets etc are to be chosen. Some of the prevailing tools in the market will let you dig into the integration technique which isn’t as fruitful as full-fledged core functionality. Core functionality makes the task simpler and is easier to handle.

Coded test automation tools

Codeless automation tools might seem like a pretty idea but it has its own set of disadvantages. On the other hand a coded test automation tools brings the ease of customization of the tools. It helps in understanding just how the tools shall fit into the needs of the organization and thus be simpler to use too. Tools that take test runs from excel sheets and checks on the issues are very difficult to work with.

Select a robust but specialist

One app or toll cannot assist a business in all its functionalities. Some activities might just need a specialist tool like that of performance testing. So it is smart to choose a tool that has the core ability as automation but does not promise to deliver all the aspects of the business automation tools. There should a set of aspects that are to be covered only with specialist tools.

While selecting an automation tool isn’t quite difficult with the number of options available, it surely makes a difference finding the right features!

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